Financial Freedom

Working for money binds you with many constraints; mainly that of time, not allowing you to do what you really like to do and enjoy. Money is essential to meet yours and your family’s needs and desires.

Can these needs and desires be taken care of by the money you have saved and grown over a planned period of time?

Can you become free from the constraints of working for money and get your personal financial freedom so that you get the time to do what you like and enjoy?

What is this level of your finances that results in your financial freedom?

I suggest that it is that level of your financial state when you need not work for your livelihood as this is taken care of by your savings and investments. Your money thus works for you and you are free to do what you like. You may still opt to work and earn a salary but what you then do is a bonus and you do that work because you like it, enjoy it and get satisfaction and happiness doing it. Only a lucky few may be having careers of livelihood which meet both the aspects but for all others it is a concept worth a thought.

Every individual is unique so each one has to define this level at which each achieves his or her, respective Financial Freedom and find the tools to achieve it . I will be educating you about these tools but the task has to be done in” Do it yourself ( DIY) way “. Two most important tools for this are Personal Financial Planning and Making Equity Investments.

Tools to achieve financial freedom:

Financial Planning

To simply put it, this is a plan to use what you earn in such a manner that you meet your livelihood needs and also save,invest and progress towards your goal of achieving Financial Freedom. Broad steps involved are

  • Monthly budget
  • Targeted savings
  • Managing your desires and expenses within the amount planned and being happy doing this.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the plans
  • Investing the savings in a way to grow, beating inflation.
  • Making the above a habit till you achieve your financial freedom goal.

Investing In Equity Markets

Learn and understand how to make risk averse investments in equity markets to ensure growth of your savings,thus keeping a step ahead of inflation. This is a long and patient journey requiring perseverance and discipline to master the skills to use these tools and achieve your goal of Financial Freedom.